Scottish Flytipping Forum


The Scottish Flytipping Forum was established in 2004 to provide a strategic overview of the issue of flytipping in Scotland and to promote joined up solutions.

The Forum supports enforcement but its main function is providing advice on good practice and prevention. It offers a single point of contact for information on flytipping issues across the country.

The aim of the Flytipping Forum is to reduce flytipping in Scotland by:

  • helping to minimise the extent of flytipping throughout Scotland;
  • measuring the extent and cost of flytipping in Scotland;
  • increasing the awareness of the general public and businesses;
  • providing recommendations to the Scottish Government to clarify and improve enforcement options; and;
  • sharing best practice and developing protocols and national guidance for dealing with flytipping.

The Forum established the Dumb Dumpers campaign.

Sub groups of the Flytipping Forum in the past have focussed on specific campaign communication, enforcement and legislation, and barriers to disposal.

Currently the Flytipping Forum is hosted and chaired by Zero Waste Scotland, with the secretariat being provided by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The Terms of Reference for the Flytipping Forum can be downloaded here.


Membership of the Flytipping Forum is open to:

  • key stakeholders, whose businesses and services are affected by flytipping; and
  • organisations responsible for the investigation and disposal of many flytipping incidents.

Current members include:

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National Fly Tipping Prevention Group

The Scottish Flytipping Forum has a place on the UK wide National Fly Tipping Prevention Group.

This allows the Scottish forum to share good practice, access additional resources and network with a wider field of practitioners all trying to reduce flytipping.

The group meets every three months and is currently chaired by DEFRA.

Regional Fora

A number of regional fora have been established across Scotland to deal with general and specific problems caused by flytipping.

Currently there are two active forums. They are the:

  • Perth and Kinross Forum
  • Falkirk Forum

If you are interested in setting up a regional fora, and would like some help or support with this, please drop us a line at and we’ll do our very best to provide advice.

In the past the South West Scotland Waste Enforcement Group brought together five local authorities, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the police to tackle illegal waste activity, including the flytipping of large volumes of tyres in the area. This led to a number of prosecutions showing that working in partnership can achieve results.


Zero Waste Scotland and the Scottish Flytipping Forum organised a FREE Flytipping Seminar on Wednesday 24 October 2012. Presentations from the event have been converted to the pdf files below.